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Do you have an adolescent who is struggling with QuaranTEEN? Many teens are experiencing an increase in responsibility and isolation due to long-distance learning and social distancing and coping skills are at a minimum.


If your teen is struggling, please consider having them talk with someone.  Well-meaning kids will often not want to burden parents with their issues and then they begin to suffer.

  • Are you seeing a decrease in socialization?

  • Is your adolescent experiencing Zoom fatigue?

  • Are they exhibiting an increase in isolation?  Shutting themselves in their room  - only to come out and get food?

  • Are you seeing an increase in frustration or outbursts? 

  • Do they spend an inordinate amount of time on their phone?​


This is an unprecedented time for our teens.  It is 100% understandable that they are having difficulty adjusting.  We are in unchartered territory.  Consider giving them an outlet to express their frustration by seeking help from a therapist that is the right fit for them.


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